About Sr Kader

Sr Akeeda Kader

Sr Kader graduated Cum Laude with her Diploma in General nursing in 2017 from Life Health Care Nursing College and works as a registered nurse & Diabetic Educator in our practice. Her experience includes that off working in Trauma Units, Neuro-Vascular Units as well as Orthopedic. She has also completed her qualification in ICU nursing.

Sr Kader has always taken a keen interest in the management of diabetes and assumes the responsibility of ensuring patients are well informed about their condition(s) and how to properly manage it. Her experience and knowledge gained through courses with the CDE (Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology) assists her in making well informed decisions.

Sr Kader works hand in hand with Dr Hellig to ensure patients are afforded the best possible care. She is very passionate about people and volunteers at a NPO in community activities. When she is not working, she would most probably be doing some outdoor activities, socializing or listening to music.